Donald Fraser of Waste Recoveries in Colorado Springs, CO

Donald R. Fraser, Jr., principal of Waste Recoveries, has more than 30 years of experience in sustainability environmental waste management/cost reduction services.

Prior to founding Waste Recoveries in 1997, Mr. Fraser spent more than a decade expanding his knowledge of the waste collection and disposal industry as a corporate divisional manager working for one of the largest waste services provider in the country.

Mr. Fraser’s sales/marketing management experiences working with national and regional businesses have contributed to client/market development growth opportunities. Mr. Fraser also refined client management software tools which track and report necessary data for continued on-going cost savings evaluations and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) analytic measurements.

Most of the regionally based affiliate consultants have many years of industry experience in organizational business services including:

  • Sustainability knowledge & practices
  • Comprehensive waste management
  • Cost reduction focus
  • Negotiation skills
  • Budgetary analysis
  • Zero waste to landfill initiatives
  • A primary emphasis to reduce waste disposal and recycling collection costs

No Fees for Consulting Services . . . Only the Savings Results are Shared!

You pay nothing for Waste Recoveries’ analysis and recommendations.

  • No funding will be required.
  • No budgetary reviews are necessary.
  • No capital outlay needed.
  • No risk – no time.

Waste Recoveries is compensated only when a direct refund, credit or savings in your waste disposal account is produced. We simply split the quantifiable savings realized, so you can be sure a dedicated effort to deliver big savings for you will be executed.