Walt C. – Chairman, Churchill’s Super Markets: “Your ‘no savings-no cost’ policy was truly a risk free opportunity which reaped huge financial rewards.”

Michael S. – President, Champion Window of Colorado Springs: “Knowing our waste disposal activities are being monitored by Waste Recoveries allows us to concentrate our efforts in other areas of our business.”

Randy P. – Corporate Facilities Manager, Master Chemical Corporation: “Thank you for a job well done successfully negotiating lower rates and initiating necessary service changes.”

Brenda C. – Purchasing Agent, Great Lakes Window Company: “Your efforts have resulted in both time and money saved.  Thank you for exceeding our expectations.”

Joy A. – Property Manager, Pine Crest; RWH Rentals; Harbour Corporation: “Thank you for determining better waste collection services and most importantly, negotiating lower rates as you do all the work and we both share in the savings.”

Elisabeth M. – General Manager, Womacks Casino & Hotel: “We are pleased to recommend Waste Recoveries because through your services our waste collection costs have been reduced by more than 49%!”

Terry M. – Director of Facilities, The Broadmoor: “Engaging Waste Recoveries to help reduce waste collection service costs and provide continued on-going management of our cost reduction efficiencies has been a win-win.”

Roger C. – General Manager, The Truck Store: “We appreciate your efforts and are extremely pleased with our decision to hire Waste Recoveries because you renegotiated our contracts and significantly reduced our costs.”

David D. – Facilities Manager, Dunbar Mechanical : “What a pleasant surprise when you completed your examination and initiated service changes that yielded more trash volume for less money!”

Mary S. – Controller, Stranahan Theater and Great Hall : “Thank you for a job well done and keep up the good work because through your efforts, you were able to find the service that best fit our needs while reducing our costs!”

James W. – President, Wendy’s of Colorado Springs: “It is without hesitation that I recommend your waste management consulting company to other business managers or owners because you have helped improve our bottom line!”

Thomas B. – Treasurer, Brandywine Condominium Association: “I would recommend your company to all businesses because you provided a financial gain by negotiating a much lower trash bill with the same service than what we were paying before.”

Howard T. – Owner, Timbers Bowling Lanes: “Thank you for providing a much needed service of uncovering mistakes in our billings that generated refunds, and finding ways to save money in the future!”

Kip P. – City Manager, City of Cripple Creek: “I would be pleased to recommend your waste consulting services to any business owner who is interested in reducing costs in this area.”

Ernie L. – Club Manager, Valleywood Golf Club: “My decision to hire Waste Recoveries yielded not only significant waste cost savings, but also improved our operational efficiencies.”

Scott S. – Manager, Carter Lumber: “Through your consultative suggestions, we are now receiving better service, and saving 64% on each monthly invoice from our hauler.”