Services of Waste Recoveries in Colorado Springs, COWaste Recoveries is competent to identify cost-reduction service issues by analyzing your current waste disposal program in order to uncover cost reduction opportunities. This includes: Usage assessment; Servicing history; Equipment; Pricing; Billing; Recycling. We will pinpoint where you are currently losing money; Access technologies that vendors have not made available; Evaluate costs versus benefits for technology upgrades; Identify waste services cost recovery and recycling alternatives; Forecast waste disposal costs – months, even years in advance.

Waste Recoveries will then develop recommendations, and, with your approval, implement cost-effective sustainability solutions so that your savings will recur year after year.

“Waste Recoveries will continue to manage the cost savings activities; you manage the results.”

Waste Recoveries will obtain reductions in your future costs by correcting or modifying the scope of services through:

  • Improving waste handling
  • Initiating better storage areas
  • Transportation efficiencies
  • Securing refunds or credits for billing errors and overcharges
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your existing or potential recycling program
  • Introducing innovative technologies and state-of-the-art waste handling methods
  • On going auditing of invoices
  • Negotiating improved service contracts with the appropriate vendors

Why Do You Need Waste Recoveries?

  • Because we are specialists
  • Because there are no risks to you
  • Because of new objective expertise
  • Because we are industry insiders
  • Because we have dedicated time
  • Because the price is right!